Sea Buckthorn Cream


Our winning combination of Calendula flowers and Sea Buckthorn berries in a regenerative cream for face, hands and body. The Sea Buckthorn berries provide vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 3, 6, 7 &9 in a rich orange infusion in olive oil.
Use for burns, sun damage, age spots, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, radiation burns, rosacea, moisturizing, healing cuts and scrapes…

Made with Calendula flowers*, Sea Buckthorn berries*, Olive oil*, Poplar buds*, Water*, Beeswax and Sweet Orange Essential Oil*

50ml jar

Please Note: If you would prefer a custom-made cream without essential oil, please ask and we’ll make some for you. We don’t use very much, but if your skin can’t handle any, you can still enjoy the wonderful cream.

-Deanna Mitchell Gray  “It was so lovely to meet both of you at the Conference. I wanted to let you know that I really love your Sea Buckthorn Cream. It’s a great versatile skin moisturizer.”


-Forest Grace “ I did(visit) and I’m grateful for it. Your Sea Buckthorn Cream is Gorgeous.”


-Pamela Schuller “ A real testimonial – My mother is using the Sea Buckthorn cream for rash on her face which for many months nothing was really helping it to leave. Not only has the rash gone, but the brown age spots on her face are disappearing and a mysterious bump like pimple she has had for 40 years is gone. My mum was well surprised and pleased! Seabuckthorn…YES!!! I am going to grow myself a Seabuckthorn bush.”

“Thanks Joanna! I have been using your cream it’s amazing, thanks!”-Lara

” I received my Sea Buckthorn cream and love everything about it!

The texture is so silky, the fragrance is delicate and I very much like how it absorbs and makes my skin feel. An excellent product!” – Maura Jess